Sunday, June 29, 2014

Arsenal E’ Vega Turn’t Up

Arsenal E’ Vega has returned with a new song, and a new video. This rap singer has delivered a song with some powerful imagery, in fact the video has put together is even more powerful.

It’s the story of an undercover cop, who discovers that he has to make a difficult choice. The lyrics to the song are all about the many things that the rapper loves about this woman. The video really shows how a person may think that you know someone, but in reality an individual may be completely different from the person you believe you know.

I think the music fits perfectly with the images in the video. The lyrics talk about an individual who doesn’t care about people what people think as long as they get the money. And the woman in the video doesn’t care what she has to do in order to get what she wants. She’s brutal! The video isn’t the work of an amateur. Arsenal has taken the time to put together a well thought out and professionally produced product. The video does have violence so those who are offended by violence should probably keep that in mind. But it isn’t violence just for the sake of violence, it’s part of the story, and there is a difference in that kind of violence.

This video is a compliment to Arsenal E’ Vega’s album Ashes to Snow.  And rap fans should keep an eye on his work because he produces a quality product. 

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