Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dear Tank Man

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the events that occurred in Tiananmen Square.  When I saw the videos of you on television, I thought to myself that is the coolest person on the planet earth. I thought that is a person who really believes in what he is doing. I often wonder if I was in your position would I be able to throw caution to the wind, and say no I will not let this happen.  I have thought about you when I hear someone making remarks about individuals that were hurtful. I’ve thought if one man can stop a tank, then what can a few words do for someone in my life.
Jeff Widener Associated Press

Nobody seems to know your name, and nobody seem to know what happened to you. I recently read that the picture of you standing in front of that tank was shown to students in China. They knew nothing about it. They thought it was a piece of artwork. This seems so strange to me, but I suppose it does show just how effective censorship is in China.

 I have heard speculation that the individuals who came up to you in the video were security police. And I have heard others speculate that they were simply concerned citizens. There are individuals who say that you are dead, and there are others who say that you went back to your life. I fear that it was the security police who came up to you, but I hope that it was concerned citizens who aided you. Because it is people like you who make the world a richer place.



P.S. What was in those bags that you were carrying? Was it groceries or did you buy a new outfit that day?

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