Friday, June 20, 2014

If I Had a Million Dollars

This week if I had a million dollars right here right now to just spend on whatever I please these are the things I would buy.

A grill mat by Verano just because it seems like it would make grilling so much easier.

The new Mysteria Candle by Blue Starling Candle Company because it combines wisteria and musk scents, and it sounds so amazing. And the company offers that great money back if you’re not satisfied deal. Way awesome!

This patchwork quilt by Patchwork Mountain because it’s beautiful, and quilts are just kind of cozy.

The Spock candle by ArtcessoriesbyDakota because I just finished watching the latest Star Trek movie, and well I really want the whole set of candles. It’s a geek girl’s delight! And who doesn’t love Spock?

Talk of Spring dress by the designer Peppermint. It’s just so cute, and well a new dress is always something that can be put to good use. Right?

Music to blog by Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

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