Sunday, June 1, 2014

In The Whale Music Review

In the Whale is a two man band from Denver, CO, that fans of alternative music will want to check out. The band has released three ep’s, and has been hitting the stages locally and nationally. So these two fellas are doing their share of work to get their band recognized.

I listened to their new release Nate, which contains four songs. And it’s some pretty good stuff. Fans of alternative music and punk will enjoy the ep .  The first song Robert Johnson really has a heavy bass line. It stands out throughout the entire song. And a lot of you may have guessed it the lyrics are about the legendary deal between Robert Johnson and the devil. You know where he becomes the great guitar player after he sells his soul. I like this song, how can you go wrong with a song about Robert Johnson?

The song Wedding Bells is a simple fast paced song with a one two 
beat. You won’t forget the lyrics to the chorus ring ring ring. The song is short, but it’s fun to listen to. Lake of Fire has the same fast pace, but it’s longer, and the once again the bass really stands out in this song. And it brings up the idea of selling your soul again. I’m sensing a theme here. And the final song on the ep is Grandpa Pete. The band has some issues with Grandpa Pete. The lyrics consist of Grandpa Pete is a creep. And it uses that deep angry voice that shows up in some punk songs.

Overall, if this band exert as much energy at live shows as they have in their recordings, their shows must rock. And I hope I can see them play if they make it to Northern Indiana.

Check out their music for yourselves.

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