Monday, June 16, 2014

Matthew James Allen’s Music

Matthew James Allen has been around the music scene for a few years. He started out in an alternative band about a decade ago. When the band dissolved he moved on to writing music in Nashville. But he wanted to write and perform his own music. So he began working with Artistry Entertainment. And he has released two new songs through this label.

Both songs are romantic, and for readers who enjoy love songs you will definitely want to take a listen. Matthew has a sweet voice. In the song Don’t Let Go, his voice is paired with lyrics about asking for help to change his ways. The song could be for a person in your life, or it could be interpreted as a relationship with God. I think it depends on the listener. The melody is pretty, and for individuals who are looking for a song that will help you relax, this is for you.

The second song he has released is You. The song is slow, and thoughtful. It’s all about how someone life was before someone came into their life. This is a beautiful love song. The melody is so easy to listen to, and you will feel all warm and mushy when you listen to it.

The songs definitely take a more mature look at love.  They combine beautiful lyrics with pretty melodies. I recommend this music to anyone who is looking for music to share with someone they love, or anyone who just wants nice music that will help them relax. And I hope that he gets some airplay on radio stations since his music is so soothing to listen to.

Matthew James Allen’s music is available through beginning June 17th. Visit his webpage for more information.

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  1. Thank you for this, it brightened my morning! Very good choice.