Friday, June 20, 2014

STEM Music Review

We always hear about how difficult it is for students to understand what they are learning applies to real life. And that’s true! STEM is music that helps understand some of those connections. The point of Stem is to help young people develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. And I believe it does let individuals know that what they are learning does have real life application.

The music combines lyrics about how you need geometry in order to play pool well. How engineers and architects use math in their work. It lets kids know that there is a point to all of this. The lyrics are paired with catchy music that will appeal to kids. I really like that it uses different styles of music from reggae to rap to try and get its message across.

Now, will this music make it to the local radio station, no I doubt that will happen, but I do believe that teachers can utilize this music in their classrooms. I can also see this being a great tool for homeschoolers. And while the lyrics sound like they are geared toward high school students, I think that this could be valuable for Jr. High math and science students too. That’s an age when girls often lose interest in math and science, and this could help a few of them stay interested in these subjects a little while longer.

Listen to the music, and if you have children who are interested in math and science let them listen to it too.

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