Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Jazz in My Soul

What happens when you combine a record producer with his love of jazz? You get a mature and sensitive album with music performed by an artist who knows what good music sounds like. The Jazz in My Soul is the new album by Jacob H Carruthers III. And this album is both mature and sensitive.

The first song on the album is called The Broken Hearted. The music focuses in on the piano, and it adds strings, so the music reminds you of the times when you have felt broken hearted. Carruthers manages to show through his music just how a broken heart feels.

I really enjoyed the second song on the release called La Samba Loco. It is a faster paced song, and it is a surprise after the first song on the album. The song has loads of guitar, and it reminded me of how I felt after I have come through a period of difficulty in my life. The release of crazy energy you have. It’s the perfect follow up to a song about being broken hearted.

It wasn’t easy to pick a favorite song on the album, but I believe that Weekend Muse is my favorite. I like the rhythms of the song, I like the piano, and I love the guitar. It’s a pretty song that I enjoyed listening to.

I really can’t find anything about this album that I didn’t like. The music is well written, and it’s well produced. The songs on the album all connect, and it’s relaxing to listen to. Fans of jazz will be pleased when they listen to this album. 

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