Monday, June 30, 2014

There’s a Tap on Your Shoulder

You are standing in line at the grocery store, and there’s a tap on your shoulder. There is a man standing behind you. But you don’t know him. You’ve never seen him before in your life. So you turn back around, he taps you on the shoulder again. And this time when you turn around he says I can make your wildest dream come true. You think to yourself the mayor of crazy town is behind me. You pay for your groceries, and go to the parking lot. The man follows you, and he says I can make your wildest dreams come true, do you want your dreams to come true.

So you decide to play along. You say how can you make all of my dreams come true? Nobody is able to do that. He repeats himself. So you say, why are you asking me? Everyone has crazy dreams that they want to come true. He doesn’t respond he just looks at you. You continue to put your groceries away, and you wish that he just stands there.

As you start to get into your car he says don’t you want your dreams to come true? You sigh, thinking how I get rid of this crackpot. But you reply with of course I do, but what’s the catch? There’s no catch the man claims, so I ask how much does it cost? It costs nothing he claims. Well it costs nothing right now. Ah, I think there’s the catch. He says it may cost everything, or it may cost nothing. And he claims I’ll never know unless I take his offer.

So my question to all of you is do you take the offer?

Music to blog by I Wanna Feel by Secondcity

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  1. This is either a porn, an episode of Supernatural, or a rap album.

  2. Just found your blog from the Chain link up! Excited to be following along via Bloglovin and GFC :)