Monday, June 2, 2014

Whatcha Been Watchin?

So I’ve been spending time watching videos on Hulu the past couple of weeks, and here are three videos that I think everyone should watch.

The Falling Man is a documentary that I found really interesting. It’s about the individuals who jumped from the World Trade Center on 9/11. The subject is sad, and it’s one we don’t like to think about, but this documentary is well done.  It is the story of how the press tried to identify from a blurry picture one of the jumpers. They wrote stories about the person they believed it might be, and during this documentary they show it wasn’t the man that was identified. You can’t believe everything you read in the papers or see in the news. Sometimes they get it wrong. But the story doesn’t end there. They continue to seek out who the man may have been. The thing that I found so interesting about this video was a comment made by the sister of someone who may have jumped. She stated that she’ll never know if that was her brother. And she’ll never know if jumping was an act of desperation or an act of faith. Did her brother have so much faith that God would reach out his hand and catch him? We’ll never know the answer, but it’s a view that I hadn’t considered before.

Sweet Revenge is a twisted comedy. Guess what it’s about? You’re right revenge. Imagine standing on Tower Bridge thinking that you have no reason left to live. Then you hear someone crying for help. You run over to help the person, and your adventure in revenge begins. Little do you know that you will fall in love, be part of a plot to destroy someone’s life, and end up dealing with a seriously ill person?  The movie is fun, and it shows just how easy it is to get roped into things that can spin out of control.

Moone Boy is a TV series produced by the BBC, and it is the funniest show I have seen in ages. Martin Moone is a 12 year boy with an imaginary friend. He’s naive, he’s the only boy in a family of four, and he lives in Ireland in 1989. The show reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle. And we all know how funny that show was. There are just two seasons, and I watched it on Hulu. It’s well worth watching. I’m pretty sure it will make you laugh.

So, that’s what I’ve been watching, does anybody have any recommendations for me?

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  1. I'll have to check those out, especially Moone Boy, I love British comedy!