Monday, July 7, 2014

ApiHappi Review

What happens when you cross a couples love for travel, cultural diversity, and fashion design? You end up with a new company called ApiHappi. The couple that has created this company is Arpana Samarakoon and Etosha Lankatilleke.  


The company is based in Sri Lanka. But this company isn’t a company that is exploiting cheap labor. They are a company that is utilizing the craftsmanship of the hand weaving loomers of Sri Linka. Each of their products is made from this fabric, and it is combined with the styles of the west. The result is something like this.

They look pretty cool if you ask me. I like that this couple has combined practicality with fun colors. And they have decided that they want a quality product that last so that have utilized French stitching in order to reduce the chance of fraying. That’s even better because you know the bag will last a while. Personally, I think it bites when you spend a lot of money on a bag and then it falls apart in a couple of months. This couple has added something extra to their products to reduce the chance of this occurring.

The other great thing I love about this company and their products is that they really are trying to make a difference in the world. They are proving just how these bags can be put to good use. Their first goal is to donate 1000 bags to poverty stricken school children. That’s a big goal! And I hope that they achieve it soon.

So, as you purchase bags for trips the beach, vacations, and back to school, make sure that you put ApiHappi on your shopping list. 

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