Monday, July 21, 2014

Can Being Positive Really Lengthen Your Life?

We’ve all heard about the studies stating that a positive outlook in life will help you lengthen your life, but is it really true? The events over the past couple of weeks in my father’s life have made me a firm believer that yes, it is true. We all thought last week would be it. He was in ICU. His breathing was extremely labored. But through it all he has remained positive. He has joked with us about how the hospital might foreclose on our homes in order to pay for the bill. When we told him not to worry about us, he simply replied. Oh, I’m not. I believe that his ability to live for the moments that are here provided him with extra physical strength to pull through the last round of his illness. His belief that things will work out one way or another has lengthen his life, maybe not by much, but it certainly helped him survive the last challenge he faced. None of us know how many more challenges he will have the strength to face, but I do know one thing. His attitude has provided us all with another day to spend time with us.

Music to blog by Have You Seen My Son by Benjamin Booker


  1. Oh, I'm happy to hear that your dad has a happy heart and is positive, I think that is a blessing for you and for him!

  2. I think being positive and happy makes one live longer and happier

  3. The ability to laugh and be positive makes life so much better, longer, and more enjoyable! It's wonderful that your dad is still smiling, I hope he continues to for a long time!