Thursday, July 3, 2014

Catalina Shortwave

With some bands you hear one song that they play, and you are able to peg their style immediately. Catalina Shortwave is not one of those bands. Some of the songs are a little popish, some are a little dark sounding, and some are just kind of fun. One thing about all of the bands songs is that they are unique to this band.

So I’m sure some of you are thinking what makes them so unique? Well first of all they have a song called Anne Boleyn. This is not what most bands choose as a title for a song. So of course it caught my eye. The song begins with a hard guitar sound. You know kind of like the ones that were used a lot in the grunge period. And it’s followed by the lyrics that tell the story of a twisted love story. I like the song!

Don’t Never Take kind of reminds me of a song that you would hear on a country music station. It’s the timing of the song, and the lyrics. It’s a song that you would expect to hear a bar band play. And the song Make it Through the Night has a more hard rock tone, which appeal to fans of that genre.  And if you listen to their music I’m sure that you will agree with me that this band is a little difficult to place into one genre. And I really like this in a band. It’s easier for bands to get attention if they fit into one genre, but often it means they don’t play all the music they enjoy. So it’s great to hear a band choose to pursue what they enjoy in the music world instead of looking at their music from a business point of view. And I really like that from a band. It’s what music should be all about. Not about making as much money as possible, but about creating music that you enjoy, and hopefully you make loads of money in the process.

So if you’re a fan of indie music you should really listen to these guys music, and let me know what you think about it.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. We're glad you, and so many others, "Get it". Very rewarding and humbling at the same time.
    Catalina Shortwave