Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sea Witch Book Review

I recently received a copy of the book Sea Witch by the author Helen Hollick. She asked if I would complete a review of her book, and I said sure thing.

So here’s what the book is about.

Tiola is a 15 year girl in the 1700’s is traveling by ship across the ocean with her guardian. They come in contact with a pirate ship, and Tiola sees the man who will be a part of her future, Jesemiah. He sees her and his curious. But Tiola realizes that she is too young, so she uses her gift of The Craft to push herself from his memory.

Time passes, and once again Tiola and Jesemiah’s pathes cross again. The life of a pirate is dangerous, and Jesemiah is in need of Tiola’s skills as a healer. And this time Jesemiah realizes that he wants Tiola in his life permanently. But there is another man that is interested in Tiola, and he knows that Jesemiah has a past. And he makes a deal with Jesemiah that will cost everything if he doesn’t take it. But if he takes the deal it will cost him Tiola.

But do not fear, even though the couple must separate it is only for a short period of time. They are reunited, and justice comes about pirate style.

Okay that is what the book is about. I really enjoyed reading this book. The book has a lot of adventure, and some fun twists and turns. It’s a love story, and who doesn’t like those. Part of the book takes place in the Florida Keys which I really liked because I spent a winter in Key West. So it brought back some memories for me. I also really liked that the book tried to portray pirates for what they were. They were people who didn’t like to follow the rules. They loved the seas. And they had their own code. They elected their captains, but if they didn’t like him they would put him off the ship. So it’s a little like what happened to Jack Sparrow.  I also like that she didn’t spare the blood and romanticize their lives. While the life of sailing the seas with loads of freedom sounds great. There were a few catches, like the chance of being hanged. And of course she portrays the sea battles just the way they were. They were awful. And of course there is that business with The Craft which adds a little magic to the book. And the book is part of a series, so Tiola and Jesemiah aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

So now you know a little about the book and why I like it. Now, who do I think will like this book? Well, anyone who enjoys historical romances will definitely be interested in this book. Individuals who like adventure and pirates will probably find it interesting too.

You can get the book through amazon. Go ahead and check it out!

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  1. Thank you Heidi for such a fab review - I so enjoy writing Jesamiah's adventures, they're such fun to write, and - I hope - to read!