Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Eve

What happens when a Los Angeles heavy metal band decides to add a little bit more of a pop sound to its music? You end up with the music of Sweet Eve. The band has been playing the club circuit in Los Angeles, and they are working on a new album.

So what does the music sound like if a band moves from heavy metal to the pop scene. You get music with a strong guitar presence. You get music that you want to dance to. And their songs have a little harder edge than most pop songs. Their music kind of reminds me a little bit of Green Day.  

I listened to three of their songs, and my favorite was Dead Like Me. The lyrics are dark, but they also bring up ways to deal with ways to make it through some of the pain individuals are feeling. And of course I liked the faster punk sound the song has.

As we all know bands come and bands go, but bands that work hard at the club scenes, and develop their own sound are the ones that last. This band is certainly working hard, and I hope that all of that pays off for them in the end.

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