Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Great Fuqua Reunion

This afternoon a great family reunion began. A family reunion that reunites loved ones that have not had the opportunity to see each other in years. This afternoon my Grandma, my Grandpa, Aunt Tiny, Aunt Beaulah, Aunt Emily, Uncle Louie, Uncle Homer, Uncle Herb, and my sister Mary all had the chance to greet my father as he met them in heaven. While those of us here on earth will miss my father greatly, I am happy that he will be able to spend time with those he has been separated from. He will be able to breath freely, and sing songs at the top of his lungs with his siblings. He will be able to go fishing with his brothers. Plant a garden, and just tell silly jokes to anyone that will listen. And he will hear the words well done my good and faithful servant from his Lord and Savior.

 RIP Pop


  1. don't forget aunt elise too :o)
    little elise (cuz kelly )

  2. God recieved another angel.Paul was an awesome man whom I admired.Go with God your now at peace