Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three Tips That Will Help You When You Have to Deal With a Funeral Home

Well today was the day that we went to meet with the funeral home to make arrangements for my father’s funeral. And this was exhausting. It was not a negative experience, but there are some things you should be prepared for. My father was the type of man who always planned ahead, and of course he pre-planned his funeral. This made things much easier. Here are three tips to dealing with a funeral home after my experience today.

1.       Plan Ahead

Yes, I would advise if you are in a position plan things out ahead of time. Nobody wants to deal with it, but the day will come when every family must plan a funeral. My father had everything paid for, and he let us know that everything was paid for. He made it clear to us that we shouldn’t pay anything extra. And we didn’t.

2.       Be Cooperative

Family members cooperate with each other when it comes to plan the funeral. This is not the time to be arguing about what you want. If something is really important to one person, let that be added. Is it really worth arguing over when you all are already exhausted?

3.       Check the Bill

As I stated earlier, my father had a pre-planned funeral. He planned it 10 years ago. So the prices of items changed. The price of everything had risen significantly, and there were some of the services that my family decided to pursue elsewhere such as purchasing flowers. This along with some of other services that were no longer needed actually left our family with a credit. But we had to ask for a copy of the bill in order to receive it. The funeral home probably wasn’t trying to rip us off, but there were things that were overlooked when we the director was filling out the paperwork. Take someone that will be on their toes when it comes to billing if you have a prepaid funeral plan.

Follow these suggestions, and a very stressful day will become a little less stressful. But keep in mind that you will be exhausted after this experience no matter how well you have planned, no matter how well everyone gets along.


  1. I'm sorry you have to be doing this :( It's not an easy thing and usually the last thing people ever want to be doing. I used to work in the funeral industry and pre-planning is something sooooo important that I try to tell everyone to do. It makes it so much easier for the family AND the director. You wouldn't believe some of the feuding I have witnessed over funeral planning when the person didn't leave their wishes known. Your father was a very smart man :)

  2. Yes yes yes some bloody great tips indeed, I have never had to deal with a funeral home but my parents are not getting any younger and there times I wonder how much longer my dad will be with us and then there are other times that I am sure he will live to a ripe old age, I am sure my mum will live to