Friday, August 1, 2014

Jiggley Jones Music Review

Jiggley Jones is a musician whose music falls into the alternative country music classification. And his new ep A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light is a recording that will appeal to music lovers with more mature music tastes. The songs are mainly acoustic, and the lyrics are meant to make you think a little.

My favorite song on the ep is Hope in a Bottle. The song has spiritual overtones, and with recent events in my life it really appealed to me. This song reminded me of the songs you would hear on Austin City Limits. It has an acoustic guitar, some light drums, and piano. It is a pretty song with great lyrics. I also really enjoyed the song Nothing So Natural. The song has a little bit faster pace, but it’s a mellow type of fast. You know the feeling just that feeling you have when you’re having a good day, and feel relaxed. It has energy, but not the hyper energy where you have too much energy.

I’ve always felt that alternative country music has a lot of similarities with folk music. I think it uses a lot of the same themes in the music, and Jiggly Jones’ music is no exception to this rule. So I believe that his music will appeal to fans of folk music, and country music. Jiggley has been nominated as Americana Artist of the Year by the Independent Country Music Association. And I believe that it is a nomination that was well deserved. And if I have the time I want to travel to Pennsylvania to see him play live cause I think his music is worth the trip.

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