Friday, August 8, 2014

Whatcha Been Watchin?

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about since I’ve talked about the movies I’ve watched recently, but here are three of my favorite views recently.
When Star Trek into the Darkness came out in the theatres I didn’t get around to seeing it. I know there are those of you who are asking what kind of geek are you? But I finally watched it on video. And like the first new Star Trek film I have mixed feelings. I like the new characters, and I like the new stories. But at the same time I’m not sure that I like some of the new stories. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, this Star Trek film twists the Wrath of Khan film. I actually really like the new Spock. He is the best of both Vulcan and Earth. But I’m not sure about Kirk. He just seems a little smarter than the original Kirk. I do like that Spock doesn’t die in this movie, and I wonder what will happen with Kirk containing some of Khan’s blood. If you haven’t watched it, make sure you do.

Moonphase is an anime series that is based on a comic book. The characters and feel of much of the comic is cute. But if you look beyond the cuteness the story is a little dark. It’s the story of a young vampire girl. She chooses to leave her master to live with a family. But the master doesn’t want her to leave. Through the course of the series you learn much about the family. It’s not quite your average family. This is a love story, and a story about good vs. evil. Even though it’s a cartoon it’s geared toward a mature audience. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys vampires stories.

Time Traveler is a Japanese sci-fi movie, which takes a from 2010 back to the year 1974 in an attempt to save her mother’s life. The girl’s mother asks her to deliver a message to a boy she met as the girl hunts for the boy; she meets a young man and falls in love. While this story is a sci-fi movie, it’s also a love story. It shows everyday life, and what it is like to make connections with individuals in a short amount of time. This movie is excellent; it’s the best of two different worlds. It’s a sci-fi movie which will appeal to geeks, but it’s also a chic flick which will apply to the girls in the crowd.

So does anyone have any movie recommendations for me?

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