Thursday, September 11, 2014

Easy DIY Kitty Cardboard Cutout for Kids

Okay, we all know that all of those cardboard boxes end up in the landfill if you forget to put them in the recycling bin. But they are actually a free craft material for the kids. You can make an easy diy kitty cardboard cutout for kids by using one of those boxes that you were just going to throw in the trash.

Here what you need
a cardboard food box
modge podge
black and white paint

What to do 

Draw a circle with two triangles on top of it, a couple of little circles, a rounded triangle, two little triangles and some thin strips on the cardboard. Next cut all of the items out.

Now take your black paint and paint the big piece. Next paint the remaining pieces white. And add a couple of black dots to the little circles, and a line to the rounded triangle. Next glue the round pieces on as eyes, the rounded triangle below it. Then the little triangles to the area for the ears. Finally, add your whiskers. And you have an easy cardboard kitty that your kids have created.

Music to blog by Baby Please Don't Go by Lightnin' Hopkins

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  1. I love this concept of music to blog by, so cool and any kitty craft is a great craft in my book