Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I met with a friend this week for breakfast. She has a daughter that well has led a somewhat colorful life, and this has brought quite a bit of paint into my friends life. This has gone on for several years. There were years when she tried to help her daughter, and her daughter stole from her. She even left her with an infant to care for.  I have seen my friend cry, and I have seen her get so excited that maybe this time her daughter would go clean from the lifestyle she was leading. And I have seen my friend have to make the terrible decision that she could no longer help her child unless her daughter really gave up her drug use. And this meant that she felt that she could no longer have any contact with her daughter.

A couple of months ago I received a call from my friend, and she informed me that her daughter claims to have been clean and sober for two and a half years. She told me that she didn’t know if it was really true. She stated she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She couldn’t let her daughter’s behavior take away the happiness she had worked hard to find.

This leads to the breakfast we had together this week. My friend was so excited. After cautiously talking with her daughter over the phone she decided that her daughter really had been clean and sober for the past two and a half years. I haven’t seen my friend that excited in years. And then she told me I wanted to make sure that you knew because over the years you were one of the few people that actually said that she could change. I was surprised. I fully supported my friend’s decision to not have contact with her daughter. But I never realized that so many people had told her that her daughter was incapable of change. And I thought to myself why do we give up hope so often?

You see to me, hope isn’t knowing how something will happen; it’s just that you know that it can happen. If you have hope you know that things aren’t going right, but you believe that there is the possibility that they will be different. It doesn’t mean that you have to sit and wait for another individual to change their habits, because that isn’t healthy, but that you have to open to the fact that people are capable of change. And I would encourage my readers to never give up hoping for people even though you can’t see how things will work out because one day you might get to see that someone you care about actually needed you to be hopeful for them.

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  1. What a blessed woman to have a friend like you. Sometimes it takes just one person to lift the burden of a hurting heart.
    Thank you for sharing - and reminding.

  2. Hope must be shared especially to those who need it the most. Lovely!

    Have a blessed week ahead!