Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Spooky Places I Want to Visit

Sometimes it’s just fun to visit weird and spooky places. And with Halloween coming it’s always fun to find those places and visit them. Here are three spooky places that I want to visit.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary was built in 1829; it was a model prison for its day. The prison housed prisoners until the 1970’s. It housed Al Capone, and Pep the cat murdering dog. Yes, the story goes that the governor sentenced a dog to a life sentence in 1924 for murdering his wife’s cat. The prison was also used in the filming of the film 12 Monkeys. The scenes in the asylum were filmed there. And in the fall the prison hosts Terror Behind the Walls which is one scary haunted house tour.

Chicago’s Englewood Post Office

Now I know that there are some of you reading this thinking why do you want to go to a post office in Chicago if you don’t live there? It’s simple. The Englewood post office is built on part of the ground where the hotel of H.H. Holmes stood. For those of you who don’t know, he is credited as being the first American serial killer. His murdered his victims and then melted the flesh off of them and sold their skeletons to medical schools so students could study anatomy. It was the 1800’s so people were were even more horrified than we are today when they heard about his crimes. The original building burnt to the ground, but it is believed that part of the original bricks from that building are underneath the Englewood post office.

The Old Detroit Train Station

Personally, I find all of Detroit to be a little spooky anymore, but it once was a great city. The old Detroit train station was a hub of activity. And it was beautiful. As train travel declined, the old station was abandoned. It’s still there, but the paint is peeling, and its windows are broken out. I’d love to see the inside of that building even though it is pretty creepy.

So what creepy places would you like to see this fall?

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  1. Holy cow! I've never heard of the HH Holmes guy. Yuck!!
    I love going to spooky places. I've been to the new Orleans cemetery that is above ground near the French quarter multiple times but I've always wanted to take the haunted tour at nights. That place is creepy!

  2. Supposedly (according to Ghost Hunters, cough, because reality television is a great source for information) the lighthouse on base here in Pensacola is seriously haunted. I keep meaning to go, but the tickets to get in are actually like $10 which seems like a lot to tour a lighthouse. Most of the lighthouses on the Oregon coast are free to tour and so I'm reluctant to pay to enter even a haunted lighthouse.

  3. Okay these are just creepy! Perfect timing with Halloween just around the corner. I hope you write a post on each of them if you do end up visiting them.

    The scariest place I can tolerate are the haunted houses they open up in October around here!

    And um, HH Holmes?! WTF!


    PS - Can't way to try your granola bars!