Friday, October 10, 2014

Adry Music Review

Have you ever listened to a song, and thought oh, this is a nice song, it has a nice melody. It is a nice love song. Then as you listen to the lyrics you realize that the artist isn’t singing about a real person. That’s exactly what happened when I listened to the new song by the musician Adry.

His new release is called Place. And the song has a little bit of a Beatlesque quality to it. Now, I realize that’s a broad category, but has a pretty melody. It begins with an acoustic guitar, and then it uses strings to accent the melody in parts of the song. I think that’s what I mean by that. Adry has a unique voice. And there is a trace of an accent in his singing. That’s not something you hear all the time. I really liked the simplicity of the video too. He could have used a lot of different styles for this video, but he stuck with something simple. I mean a song about an imaginary girlfriend in the end is all about what is going on the individuals head. So the head shot throughout the video, and the lyrics in the background is kind of cool.

Place is the second song from Adry’s upcoming release of the album Notes. Prior to this Adry has released two other albums. The first album was Rule of Sadness, and the second album was Blue Lights. And he is not only creating the music, and dreaming about being a musician. He is doing the work that goes along with becoming a success. And that is steadily putting out music, and pushing himself to become a better musician. And I like that. Hopefully, he will have success with his music.

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