Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Just Can't Help Myself

Have you ever had one of those times when you kind of act irrationally? You know the times when you are a little demanding when you go to the grocery store. The day when no matter what your co-worker does to help you it just won’t be done the right way, no matter how kind they are being. You know the kind of day when that extra two seconds waiting at the stop light really does bother you. And of course you don’t behave your best when those days occur do you? You tell yourself I just can’t help myself, but is that really true?

No, it’s not, it’s difficult to control these impulsive actions, but you can do it. So, here are three ways that you can control that I just can’t help myself moment.

1.       Take a Breath

I mean stop and physically take a breath. Remove yourself from the emotion of the second. Really, taking a deep breath provides your brain with some extra oxygen, and you are able to think more clearly.

2.       Think

Does what you’re doing or saying really fit with your personality? Is whatever you are getting ready to be irrational about really matter? Often times, it doesn’t. If isn’t that important, then it probably isn’t worth getting all worked up all about.

3.       Remove Yourself

If you’re still thinking I can’t help myself, get out of the situation. Moments like this are the time for you to excuses yourself from a room, or it just may be time to make an exit for home. It’s better to leave if possible than to allow yourself to act extremely foolish.

If you follow these steps, you might just be able to tell yourself I can help myself.

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