Sunday, November 23, 2014

Effective Communication Styles

This is Smokey, the cat, and I believe that I should address what I believe are effective communication styles.

 My roommates and I all have varied means of communicating with our pet human. Some of them are more effective than others. Today, I going to address the cry. Some of you humans may call it the meow.

My young roommate Bobaloo is a small cat, but she has a very loud and demanding cry. In fact there are times when she is just annoying. I know that everyone human and feline in the house agrees with this. There are times when she just walks through the house screaming for hours. No joke she really does do this. It just gets on my nerves when she does this. This is not really an effective means of communication. Screaming for hours on end just makes everyone ignore you. And I am always relieved when my pet human has simply had enough and tells Bobaloo to shut up.

My roommate Captain is large fellow with a puny cry. He cries daily, and he believes that if he cries someone will listen to him. I believe this is a hit or miss way of communicating. The sympathy cry is kind of pathetic. Yes, the pet human feels bad sometimes and gets him what he wants, but just as often this cry is ignored. This in my opinion is not acceptable. And I believe it is part of the reason he has to constantly be next to our pet human in order to get the attention he desires.

I believe that my method of communication is the most effective. I cry seldom. But when I do I let out a loud ringing roar. After all I am a miniature lion so my cry must be forceful. And it is. When I cry everyone looks. I get quality attention, and I am able to obtain exactly what I want. So my advice to felines and humans is cry seldom, but when you do cry make sure it counts.

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