Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've Gotta Be Me

Have you ever heard that song I've Gotta Be Me? You know the one that was made so popular by Sammy Davis Jr.?

This is the song that came to mind when I read a blog post. The post was all about how being beautiful is all about being you. The line from the song I can't be right or somebody else if I'm not right or me. It occurred to me that the truly beautiful individuals I know aren't afraid to be themselves. They know that there are things they do that others believe are kind of different. They often don't dress like other individuals. They have decided that they will work at jobs that provide them with more fulfillment than jobs that would often pay more.

As I continued to think about beauty and inner beauty. I realized that in order to find the beauty in myself I have had to do things a little differently myself. It means that I don't feel obliged to purchase the newest styles. It means that I am fine liking things that other individuals don't like. It means that I am comfortable spending time at home because I feel like I need to rest instead of running all over the place because people insist that I need to spend time with them. It also means that I feel comfortable believing what I believe. It means that I am not afraid to be guided by my inner voice instead of following convention.

It seems that beauty to me isn't found on the cover of Vogue, but instead by the strength that I find in myself to enjoy what I truly enjoy in life.

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  1. Great wisdom, Heidi! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    I LOVE Sammy Davis, Jr!