Monday, November 10, 2014


I like the show New Girl. You know the one with Zooey Deschael. She plays a somewhat naïve woman, with a quirky fashion sense with a load of roommates. Part of the reason I like the show is I lived a version of this life when I was younger.

Anyway, on a recent episode the roommates are having difficulty with their cell phone reception in the apartment. So they decide to get a landline. And of course they also get an answering machine. The show focuses in on how one of the roommates begins taking messages for his roommates and well he becomes slightly over involved in their lives. I laughed throughout the show, because it brings back so many memories. You know like the time one of my roommates announced to me that my mom called. When I called mom, she told me that she left a message last week. OOPS! That time returning the call wasn't my fault I got the message a little late.

But the show also pointed out that we all have become less connected in life. With all the technology in life that is supposed to help us stay more connected, it seems as though we are less connected than ever. This isn't a new discussion. It's one people have all of the time.

I was reminded of a story. A friend of mine told me how she went to the movies with a couple of friends. She told me how they were sitting waiting for the movie to begin. You know that time when movie theatres flash commercials in front of us even though we've already paid for the privilege of sitting in their chairs, and paid five dollars for a bag of small popcorn. Right before they turn the lights down. The time when we all used to sit and talk about why we couldn't wait to see the movie that we were about to see. My friend informed me that she was so irritated because the people she was with all pulled out their smartphones and began checking their facebook pages. And then posted that they were at the movies with her. She was upset because they weren't actually spending time with her, but instead they were letting the world know what they were doing.

I think many of us have had this experience in our lives over the past few years. I remember telling a friend something important that was going on in my life. I mean it was important especially to me. My friend was checking her text messages. Then she said what were you saying? All I could say was it was nothing important. Don't worry about it. It obviously wasn't important to her so why bother. But since that time I've always felt that I couldn't share things with that person. I've always felt like that person would rather be spending time with others instead of spending time with me.

So when the episode landlines on New Girl reminded me just how disengaged many of us have become from those we spend time with simply because we don't take time to share with each other anymore.

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  1. That show sounds interesting. I should try watching it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Never heard of the show but it does sound interesting

  3. I can definitely be guilty of being distracted!

  4. Oh I have a friend who is always on her phone and not present with us. It is just ridiculous. When I go out with the Hubs we put the phones away, and mine is turned up high just incase the kids want to get a hold of us. Otherwise we are present with each other.

  5. I'm trying to be more present. There are hours of the day where my iPhone gets left in my bedroom. If I'm at the movies, you better believe I'm powering down, I paid to watch the previews :)
    I think it is sad when I see people not present in the moment, but rather stuck in their Facebook timelines. I don't use my personal FB for this reason, I don't want to be one of those people AT ALL.
    I saw a parent check her FB every 10 minutes at our daughters' softball game... why?
    Seeing those moments help to remind me I'm no better, and I need to make sure I'm more present in my own children's lives.
    All the best~
    Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday