Friday, November 14, 2014

The Paper Bag

The paper bag may seem like such a simple item. But it's not. You see to me and my fellow felines it is a wonder.

It is small, and it crinkles. It is brown and well if it is laid on the floor in the proper position it is a great hideaway.

This hideaway gives me a small place to get a break from my roommates. But there is a method to entering the paper bag hideaway. First I must walk around the bag. Then I swat at the bag. I must assure that it is sturdy enough for me to enter, and that there is no other feline in the bag. Then I can enter my hideaway. I can sit and stare out at my roommates and dream up ways to torment them.

I was very distressed the other morning when my roommate Captain became interested in the paper bag. He began sizing up the bag. And he came to the conclusion he could fit in this bag. But I knew better. He is not quite as petite as I am so I knew immediately when he began to enter the bag that it was not going to be the perfect hideaway for him. Sure enough he entered head first, but he was unable to enter the bag the way I do. He tried to move around, and he sat in the bag for a couple of minutes with his big boned butt sticking out. Then he decided to exit. And that's when my real distress began. You see he began to wiggle around some more. You see the big guy is probably the least coordinated cat I have ever seen. I love him dearly, but he is a the clumsiest cat alive. And that's when I heard it. He tore the bag! And it wasn't just a little tear. It destroyed my hideaway. I immediately ran over to the bag. Captain as usual looked at me with that expression what did I do, and he walked away. But I looked on in horror as my escape from the world of feline roommates had been destroyed. Then I walked away and I am waiting for the next brown crinkly hideaway to enter my life.

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  1. It is also a wonder to children just saying

  2. I'm sorry your paper bag got ruined. My cats would have been all over that bag just like Captain. I hope you get a new bag very soon.

  3. The reason why ALL cats are obsessed with boxes and paper bags is still one of the biggest mysteries of this world :-)

  4. I'm not a cat owner but I do get a quick watching them being curious about everything. Oh, btw, I'm a cohost from Wake Up Wednesday. Thanks for visiting my blog & I'm totally digging yours also.