Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Cookie Recipe Roundup

Here are some absolute fabulous Christmas Cookie Recipes I found this past week on the Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

Almost Supermom's Pretty Darn Healthy Chocolate Peppermint Cookies really are pretty healthy she uses coconut sugar instead of refined sugar so the cookies really don't have all that processed sugar in them. And they look delightful.

Nicola over at Pink Recipe Box came up with some Triple Chocolate Christmas Cheesecake Cookies that look so yummy.

Ever bite into a ginger snap and think it would be so nice if this was just a little bit more chewy? Julie over at Sweet and Spicy has a recipe for Soft Gingersnap Cookies.

So these are some of the great recipes over at the Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party. Go over and see what there is to check out this week.

Music to blog by Among the Sugar Pines by Ethan Jones

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