Thursday, December 4, 2014

This One Time At Disney World

I love visiting Disney World. It's fun. It's full of happy memories. Everyone young and old is running around with funny hats on. But this one time at Disney World things weren't so great.

This is where all the trouble started. Yes, the tea cup ride at Disney World. It's a ride for children. But what I didn't understand as a child was the more you spin that wheel in the center of the tea cup the more you spin around. Well it was a hot morning in Florida since it was August. And I just starting spinning that wheel. The ride ended, and that is when I really learned what the word vertiginous means. You see the ride stopped spinning, but the world didn't stop spinning for me.

In fact the world continued to spin the entire day. You haven't lived until you've ridden the It's a Small World ride and everything is kind of spinning around. It wasn't until I returned a couple of years later that I realized that things on that ride weren't going in circles.

I guess the important thing that I learned that day at Disney World was that I really ought to know which direction I want to go in before I turn the wheel.

Music to blog by It's a Small World

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