Sunday, January 18, 2015

Did You Flunk That Emotional IQ Test?

Conversation with co-worker.

Me: Can you tell me how she sets up her information so I can do it the way she likes when I cover for her next week?

Co-worker: She sets up things similar to the way I do. She deserves for things to be left all messed up next week, she left a mess for me today.

Me: She was really sick yesterday you know. She had a hard time getting the work done.

Co-worker: Well she shouldn't have come to work I was supposed to come in and cover for her, but it was cancelled at the last minute. And I had this huge mess today.

The conversation ended there, but when she made that comment I thought did you flunk that emotional IQ test? Once again I have to thank that inner voice for stopping me.

But it made me wonder about our level of compassion for others. Why are we all so self absorbed that we just can't overlook the one day that someone is really unable to complete tasks that they normally would complete. Is it so hard for us to step outside of the moment and ask ourselves about the times when we have needed some extra help?

And then I had to ask the tough question, when was the last time that I did something similar to this? Well at first I said to myself I don't do that! And then I had to say to myself, wait a second are you really being honest?  Umm, no, for the most part I don't complain when I am asked to do something extra to help someone, but catch me on a bad day. And well you never know what you'll get.

But that takes me back to my question about compassion for others. I believe that if we aren't asking ourselves is that how I want to be treated on a regular basis then we run the risk of loosing our ability to feel compassion toward others. I feel that if we don't challenge ourselves to see how others are feeling then we run the risk of becoming self absorbed. And to me that is scary. Do you faithful followers find this scary?

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