Sunday, January 18, 2015

How I Became a Grouplove Fan

Grouplove, it sounds like something you're not supposed to talk about, but in reality it's an indie band based out of Los Angeles. So how did I get interested in this band?

It all started on a cold afternoon when I was watching videos on youtube. I watched this video.

The intro to the song caught my attention. At first I thought it would be a mellow love song. But then it began to build a little and there weren't the usual sappy lyrics. Rhythm was added. The song was a little poppy, but not over the top. The song is happy, but not foolishly happy.

So I decided to take a listen to another song by the band. I watched the video Colours.

This video was not light hearted at all. In fact it's a little dark. The lyrics made me think about times when life isn't going so well. But your attitude has something to do with how things are going. It's kind of happy and sad all at once. Maybe there is even more to this band I thought. Then I watched another video.

So I watched Tongue Tied

As I watched the video and listened to the song, I was reminded of that one night I went to a party, and reviewing the events of that party, I just wish I would have stayed home and watched a movie that night. They nailed it!

So after I viewed three of their videos. I've decided I really like this band. I want to see them play live. And I'm definitely going to invest in their releases. Grouplove you have a new fan.

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