Friday, January 30, 2015

The Package

This is Captain again, and I have to tell you all about the package. Yes, earlier this week we heard the doorbell ring. As usual I was sitting as close to my pet human as possible. She started to stir when the doorbell rang so I naturally looked at her. I have always found that reminding my human that my comfort is the most important thing on earth is very wise. She simply replied to my look by saying I have to answer the door. It seemed important to her so I went along with it.

She came back with something. It was a box. It was addressed to me. Well me and my roommate, but this is my story. My pet human set the box down and she was ignoring it. But I sniffed the box. And there was a scent I recognized coming from that box. A scent that drives me wild. So I immediately attempted to open the box. I needed to get into that box.
My pet human finally recognized my need to get into the box. So she provided me with some much needed assistance. The box was opened. And the scent grew stronger. I dove into the box. I must find what had the scent. It was some stuffed cloth, a toy for me. The toy was for me and me alone. And the scent was catnip! I carried the toy off.
And don't you know that roommate of mine thought she could play with it. Well I had to teach her a lesson. So I gave her a big swat. So she backed off for a moment, but then she returned. I had to keep my guard up, but then I needed a nap. That roommate of mine she stole my toy filled with catnap while I was sleeping. I mean the nerve of her.
But the main point of this post is I want to say thank you to the person who sent me the package. I am most pleased with my toy, and I look forward to the next package I receive. Perhaps, you would be kind enough to send me some tuna next time.


  1. Well, do you know what I did? I taught my humans a good lesson. I peed in their printer this morning. Teach them! Next time they'd better bring me some catnip, too! - Siri of Little Bitty Life

  2. It was address to both of you so you have to share even though sharing can suck at times

  3. LOL! Sometimes I can't even get up to answer the doorbell because there are 3/4 of my 6 cats sitting right on top of me!