Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Word of the Year

With the new year always comes some reflection on the past year, and some hope for the upcoming year. And of course there are resolutions. It seems like resolutions always get broken. So maybe I should just come up with a theme for the year. In essence can I boil down what I think is important for this year into a word for the year?

The word I've chosen for this year is complete. Many of you are asking why complete? The answer is I have the tendency to start things and not finish them. It kind of drives me crazy, but sometimes I don't feel like I can help it. I am just interested in so many things. So I start something, and well I then get interested in something else. It can make things a little chaotic. And well, I just don't complete tasks that I really want completed. Or I just take forever to do it.

So complete is the word of the year for me. Let's see how I do. And let me know what your word of the year is.

Music to blog by Mr. Noah by Panda Bear

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  1. That's a great word! Very apt. I'm in the same boat (too many interests, so I start more things than I finish, and then I feel weighted down by the unfinished things). I wish you good luck with it this year, and let me know if you find ways to finish all the things you start (I could use some tips on that!). :)