Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life As a Goldfish

Imagine waking up one morning and you find yourself all wet. You're all wet because you are in a bowl of water. You've become an awfully good swimmer over night. But your body does feel like it normally does. You see your reflection in the glass and open your mouth to gasp, and bubbles float upward. You look like this.

How could this happen? And what will become of you? You begin to swim around the bowl looking for a way out. As you swim around you realize even if you can get out of the bowl how will you breath? You think perhaps, I should just stay put for a little while.
Just make the best of the situation. And swimming is good exercise isn't it? Well you're getting plenty of that. There really isn't much to look at in this bowl. Some colored stones at the bottom, and then there is this handy plastic plant. You become bored quickly.
All of that swimming has made you hungry. Where is the food? The plastic plant is impossible to eat because well it's plastic. Lord knows what plastic would do to you. You look through the glass of the bowl. You spot some sort of small container that says fish food. That gives you hope.
You'll just get the container. So you attempt to jump out of the water. It's much more difficult than you realize. You just couldn't get enough oomph to make the jump. How did they get out of the tank in that movie Finding Nemo?
Since this didn't work you decide I need to get someone's attention. There is someone right over there. They aren't facing you. So how do you make enough noise to get their attention? You start jumping again. Nothing happens. So you must wait.
You notice they are now facing you and so you start swimming franticly. You start screaming mentally I'm hungry! Feed me! Still nothing changes. You slump! How does this life work?
Then unexpectedly someone comes to the table your bowl is set on. They don't even look at you. They just pick up something and walk away. The nerve of them. Don't they know how hungry you? You are getting a little angry.
You swim around faster and faster, in fact you are getting dizzy swimming in circles. Why doesn't someone notice. Then finally that human notices and comes back to the table. They look in the bowl. You look at them asking how stupid are you anyway? Why are you looking at me? Can't you see that I need you to pick up that container and feed me?
The human actually picks up the container and twists the lid off. The idiot looks inside. Like it is something for humans. I'm screaming dump some in the water fool! Yes, the container is moving toward the bowl. Yes, it is falling through the air. And it hits the water. You scurry towards the top. Ahhh, nourishment. You're not really sure what it is, but you know it tastes wonderful. In fact it is the best thing you have ever tasted!
You can now relax a little. And then you notice something moving outside the bowl. Maybe it is that human again. You look out the bowl. Your eyes open wide. It's that creature that strikes fear in the heart of every fish. It's a cat. It's staring at you!
Those eyes are huge! It licks the bowl. This one is not the brightest creature in the world. Who licks a fish bowl? You laugh! Then it moves and things aren't so funny. It's paw is moving into the water. Umm, where is that human? Can't they hear that splashing sound? You dart away from the feline. The human finally notices the commotion. And yes, they physically move that nasty creature away from you. You breath a sigh of relief. What nothing from the human? No words of comfort. Not even a glance your way. How can this be?
You decide you can go back to relaxing. You doze off. When you wake up you are different you are lying in a bed. You get out of the bed and walk toward the goldfish bowl. And think to yourself something seems really familiar about this. You unscrew the lid on the food container look inside and sprinkle some food into the bowl.
Music to blog by Rather Be by Clean Bandit

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  1. What a darling blog!! We are now your newest followers! I always wondered what it would be like to be a goldfish and now I know! Nice to meet you! Love, Caren and Cody www.catchatwithcarenandcody.com

  2. Ok I can't imagine turning into a fish but I have at times wondered what fish think of humans if they think at all