Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Package Part 2

This is Bobaloo again. My roommate Captain recently wrote about The Package we received in the mail recently. He focused on part of the package. The toy which contained catnip. I really did appreciate this gift, but there was another item in the package which caught my eye. This item will require more patience, and it will allow me as a feline to develop a hobby that has interested me.

You see felines do require some roughage in their diets. It has been a concern of mine that I do not have fresh grass to nibble on. Before I came to live with my pet human. I lived in the wild, and well I was able to snack on grass whenever I pleased. But this delight has been denied since I became an indoor cat. This takes us back to the package. We received this in our package.

We received a Chia Cat Grass Planter. The picture on the front of this box intrigued me. A picture of a cat munching on grass. It brought back those memories of roaming in the wild. Ah, yes those were the days. But back to my new hobby. I decided that my new hobby would be gardening. So with some encouragement my pet human opened up the chia pet. This is what was inside the box.

The box included an adorable planter. It is a great depiction of how we felines are able to take a nap anywhere. It also contains seeds, soil, and instructions. Yes, I poured through the instructions eagerly. They were quite simple to follow. I had to provide my pet human with many vocal instructions. I swear there are times when humans can be so daft. But here is a picture of me inspecting her potting skills.
Yes, I had to assure that seeds were sprinkled evenly throughout the soil so that our grass harvest will be at the maximum. So here is how the planter looks now.
The instructions state that within 3 days we should begin to see sprouts. I simply can't wait to see them grow. And I am so eager to taste that snack.
Please fellow felines let me know if you have any gardening techniques that would be good for this new hobby of mine. I am so excited to hear from you all.
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  1. my Mom hasn't had cat grass in furever! The key is keeping the grass hydrated. Love, Cody

  2. We love that you're growing your own cat grass, may it sprout plentiful greens!