Friday, February 27, 2015

There Ain't No Bugs On Me

Today is a sad day. We have lost our beloved Leonard Nimoy. Rest in Peace original Spock you will be missed.
But more importantly to the members of my family we lost Uncle Bob today.

Now, I'm sure there are a few of you who are wondering why the post is entitled there ain't no bugs on me when I'm talking about individuals who have passed away.  Hang with me I'm getting there.

You see a few years ago my Uncle Bob was in the hospital. I can't remember why, but while he was hospitalized he was given some medication. He had an adverse reaction to this medication. And he began to hallucinate. He thought there were bugs on him. Thank goodness the doctors took care of it quickly. After this occurred I visited with him in the hospital he told me about it, and then he began to sing this song to me.

I learned something really important that day. A person can either wallow in the fact that they have had something go wrong in life and feel sorry for themselves. Or a person can find the humor in the situation where things went very wrong. It's all in the way you see what has happened. It was one of those indirect life lessons. And he probably didn't realize what he was doing. But it has stuck with me.

So Uncle Bob I'll miss you, and I'll really miss your sense of humor. And thanks for the great life lesson.


  1. Your Uncle Bob sounds like a great guy! 'Sending you a hug ((Heidi)) I am sorry for your loss. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. So sorry for your loss. Your Uncle Bob will live in your memories forever.

  3. Yes it is sadder that you lost your uncle Bob, sending hugs and best wishes your way