Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why Do I Have To Do That?

I have this acquaintance who constantly asks why do I have to do that? I have to admit this just grates on my nerves. Every time I see this person. And I do mean every time I see her why do I have to do that falls out of her mouth. Then she always reminds everyone that her life is so hard. I have to admit that I just really want to scream GET OVER YOURSELF WHY DON'T YOU? But I refrain from doing this. I just don't think that would be a really nice thing to do.

How do you deal with a person like this? These are some of the things I do to do deal with the why do I have to do that question that is asked repeatedly.


I've noticed that sometimes as I listen to this individual she often say this when she has a problem. She recently told me she has so much to do because of her kids. It felt like she just wanted to have someone to take time to listen to her. Life can be rough. I usually have an extra five minutes to listen to someone tell me a story.

Remind Yourself

As I listened to this individual told me that she doesn't have anyone to help her. She doesn't have any family. It's just her and her parents, and her brother and her kids. So why doesn't she have anybody to take care of her? I thought to myself it sounds like you do have people. I had to remind myself that I really don't know her family, and that we all have different expectations in life. And I also had to remind myself that there have been times I have spent time wallowing in self pity too. This person just isn't at the point that she is ready to give it up yet.

Be Honest

One day I was listening and remind myself while this person was asking me why do I have to do work extra hours when the business she works for didn't have enough employees. It just came out. I said because that's your job. If you don't like it you can leave. You don't have to stay at that job. Yes, there was a moment of silence. I had committed the worst offense possible to this individual. I called her out. I could tell she wanted to yell at me. But she couldn't, I just told her the truth. I had listened to her. I mean I really listened to her, and she asked. If you give an honest answer, people may not like it, but they can't debate honesty.

Cut Them Loose

Yes, there comes a time in all relationships when we have to ask ourselves is this really worth it? If the answer is no, then it's time to get rid of that person in your life. It's okay to end dead end relationships.
So how do you all deal with the individual who constantly asks that question?
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  1. Yes yes yes, I am so with you, I think it is sad that there are many who do not take the time to listen to what the story a child is telling we all need to learn to listen more