Monday, March 9, 2015

If We Met For Coffee

If we met for coffee this week, I would order some tea. I would comment that I don't understand why I always agree to meet for coffee when I don't like coffee. And I always order tea.

If we met for coffee, I would politely ask why is it that people that are charge of anything are such complete morons? We would debate about whether individuals are morons because they want to be in charge of something. Or is it being in charge that turns them into morons? I can never really figure it out which it is, it's like that chicken before the egg question. Is there really an answer to this?
If we met for coffee, I would tell you how great it is that spring is coming. I would tell you how excited I was when I saw that the forecast stated it would be in the 50's this week. I can't wait. I have big plans once again for the yard. The snow just has to get out of my way so I can get started.
I would also tell you how excited I am that I hit the Goodwill on sale day. I was fortunate enough to spend much less than I anticipated and I still got three bags of junk. I finally got some different clothes to wear to work, an I was got some other really cool stuff for photos.
If we met for coffee I would tell you that my most recent video game addiction is that memory game on Swagbucks. I would tell you how this is much better than those facebook games I was playing because I at least get points for playing these games. At least I can exchange the points for gift certificates. So I am getting something out of the games.
I would go on to tell you how I am so glad that there will soon be new episodes of my favorites show Moone Boy. Well at least if you live in Europe that is. When will they be released to the States? It's a mystery.
And lastly, I would ask why does my cat Captain have so many issues? Why isn't he like most cats that simply ignore you? Why does he have to always be next to me?

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