Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Lessons From Moone Boy

Well the new season of Moone Boy has started, and the first three episodes have been great. They have provided me with laughs and well some life lessons.

Lesson 1 There Is Something That Motivates Everyone

Martin and Padraic can never be accused of being ambitious. They aren't over achievers, but once they find out that they can get a speed boat for being the top salesmen in their new business venture these two get motivated. And they win the speed boat. Who knew they had it in them? 

Lesson 2 Everybody's Family Is Imperfect

So during episode 2 Padraic's parents are arguing constantly. And Debra Moone decides that she should be a marriage counselor. Debra and Liam are feeling mighty smug about how well their marriage is going. It seems as though shoplifting has become Padraic's method of dealing with the issues at home. And of course his faithful friend Martin joins in the spree. Just when it seems as though Liam and Debra are counselors extraordinaire a phone call arrives. Both sets of parents go to find that their children are. Just as Debra is pointing out that Padraic's behavior is due to his parents marital issues the shop owner points out that Martin is the thief. Padraic's parents become the smug ones.

Lesson 3 The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

At the end of season 2 Dessie and Fidelma marry and the new baby arrives. The result is the Moone house is just a little crowded. It's time for Fidelma to ask Granddad if she and Dessie can move into his old home. The family decides in order for Granddad to get the point he needs to visit their home. And they need to make it seem much worse than it really it is. Granddad soon recognizes that the surroundings are fake when he visits. And he encourages Fidelma to stay in the house. But when Granddad realizes that a donkey sleeping in a bedroom is the norm, he offers Fidelma and Dessie his home to begin their new life together.

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