Monday, March 23, 2015

Mission Impossible

Have you ever spent time with someone who is flat out impossible. It doesn't matter what you do you just can't make things work. You feel as though you have been dealt mission impossible.

There is always one person in your life you are going to have difficulty dealing with. There are just times when it might be appropriate to end the relationship with that individual.

Here are three signs that you might want to re-evaluate whether or not to continue a relationship.

Who's Doing All the Giving?

Every relationship has times when one person gives more than the other, but are you the one that is doing all the giving all of the time? If you find that you are doing all the giving it is a sign that the relationship is working right.

Are They Listening?

When you ask for time are they actually listening to you? Do they give you the chance to explain how you feel. Are they empathizing with you or simply just hearing you? Remember listening and hearing are two different things.

Is The Person Capable?

And lastly, is this person capable of doing what you need? If they are and they just aren't willing to do what is needed to make the relationship more workable it's time to run to the nearest exit. And if they aren't capable of giving you what you need is that something you can live with?

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  1. I completely understand. People come into your life for a reason or a season. If that season is over, there is no shame in packing that relationship up into the storage closet never to be opened again. After all, you don't want to be that person still displaying their Christmas tree in July. It just gets kinda stinky after awhile.

  2. Oh yeah I get this many of us have had to deal with impossible people it is often part of life