Sunday, March 15, 2015

That Special Kind of Luck

This past week I have spent time trying to pin the boss down on when exactly and for sure I would have time off. It has been no easy task she is a very busy woman with a lot of responsibilities. Finally, after many days of asking I get the dates I will be on vacation.

There is much celebrating among my co-workers. One of us finally has some well deserved time off.

Yes, the planning for my time off begins. Plans to travel, and oh so many other things I just can't wait for.

Then I go to the mailbox, and I get a letter similar to this one.
It's right in the middle of my week off. I mean does anyone else have that special kind of luck?


  1. oh my....taking some time off can be tricky sometimes...

  2. I have no kind of luck..............just saying