Friday, April 3, 2015

April Goals

It's so had for me to believe that a new month is here. And it's time for me to look at the goals I set for the month of March. I am sad to say that I didn't do to well with my March goals. During the past month I have battled with a cold. Had a vacation that was not very relaxing. And it seems as though the month flew by.

My first goal for March was to make some seed bombs. Well I bought the items to make the bombs, but I have not made them yet.

The belly dancing well I thought the dvd I have was an instructional video, but it wasn't. So I did try it, but I think I would benefit more from a video that shows me the basic steps. If anyone knows of a good one please let me know.

Cleaning the oven, well it's cleaner than it was at the start of the month. It's not perfect, but much better.

Editing blog posts, I actually edited five blog posts. So I did accomplish one of my goals for the month.

That leaves me with a 25% success rate. I'm not real happy with that, but hey it is better than a 0% success rate.

So what do I want to accomplish in April?

Clean the Backyard

You always pay for it if you don't rake all of your leaves in the fall. Well, I didn't get my raking finished in the fall, and I have an oak tree. For those of you with oak trees in your yard you know that the very last leaf doesn't fall of that tree until the new ones begin coming out. And oh my do they have loads of leaves. So I have a lot of yard clean up to do.

File My Taxes

This is a given. I have to do so I know I will accomplish this goal. Yay!

Spend a Half Hour a Day Reading

I have stacks of books around the house, and a fantastic library in town. And my lunch break has been extended at work. So I should be able to use some of that time doing something I really enjoy. I want to spend half an hour a day reading. If I spend half of my lunch break reading and the other half to eat, I'll be totally relaxed when I return to work.

Clean the Bathroom Closet

When I completed Operation Clean Medicine Cabinet, I opened the bathroom closet. It needs cleaned out and reorganized badly. If I can keep the cats out of it while I'm cleaning it, I'm sure it will look much better fairly quickly.
So what do you want to accomplish for the month of April?


  1. These are great goals, Heidi! I need to post an update about my 20 Wishes for 2015! 'Not sure where I stand and WOW the first quarter of the year is already gone! ;-) It goes fast, doesn't it? ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. looks like a great set of goals :)...hope you'll make most, if not all, of them :)...Happy April...

  3. I often lay in bed and think of the things I would like to get done during the month but often I am too busy to get most of those things done which does suck

  4. Oh my, oaks got gazillion leaves - it's unbelievable! Love the reading goal. Sounds like an awesome lunch break to me :)
    I hope you'll find the time to link up with us this week: