Sunday, April 26, 2015

Career Decisioins by Captain

My roommate Bobaloo recently made a career decision to become a boxtester. I've started to think that perhaps a feline of my age should make some decisions about professions. I cannot always live this carefree life that I have enjoyed. Even though it is a great life, there may be a time when I will need to support myself in some fashion. So I have begun to explore career options.

It is my understanding that when you begin to explore careers, you should look where you talents are. And then you should look at what your passions consist of.

My Talents

Receiving attention from humans
Being lovable
Not getting stressed over the little things

My Passions

Attention from humans

I have not made decisions on what I am going to do, but I understand that this is the first step in making any career decisions.

Let me know what if any career decisions my fellow felines are exploring so I can see if it is something that I might hold my interest.