Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just After Sunset Book Review

One of my April Goals is to spend 1/2 an hour a day reading. After I've been reading. I just finished reading Just After Sunset by Stephen King. The book was released several years ago, but I didn't have a chance to read it then. This was the time to read the book.

The book is a collection of short stories by Stephen King. The stories cover everything from hitchhikers to psychiatrists treating a patient with OCD. And they have that usual horror twist that all of his writing has.

I enjoyed reading all of the stories, but my favorite was The Things Left Behind. It's the story of a man who called in sick on a whim on September 11th. And he worked at the Twin Towers. His co-workers didn't make it through the day. And he experiences survivors guilt. But something strange has happened. The little items that belonged to his co-workers appear at his home. You know the items that are just silly, but someone keeps at their desk. He tries to get rid of the items, but he just can't. It seems as though each of them have a story to tell about the individual they belonged to. And of course he feels like he is going a little crazy. But as the story closes he realizes that the way to get rid of the items is to let their stories guide the items back to individuals who were important to his co-worker.

I think this story really appealed to me because it reminded me that the events of September 11th weren't really what I saw happen on television. It reminded me that each person who was in that building had a story. There was something unique about each person.

I do have to admit that the last story in the book really grossed me out. It was an interesting story about revenge, but it was gross, and if there were any of the stories that I would like to forget it is that one. But of course it's the grossest story that always sticks with you isn't it?

So have any of you read any good books recently? Let me know if there is a book that you recommend.

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