Thursday, April 16, 2015

So It's Another Case of What Were You Thinking?

Whenever I read the news I always think to myself what were you thinking? And today it was no different when I read about a local man who was arrested. Now many of you are thinking locals are arrested daily. The thing that is different about this man is he was in possession of 6,000 child porn files on his computer.

Now you can call me judgmental, but I think that's a lot of child porn. But then again I think that one child porn file on a computer would be a lot. I believe based on the responses that were posted on the story page that like most people were pretty much disgusted by this individual owning that much child porn.

But there was one response that really troubled me. One individual stated that the individual who was arrested was not as bad as a child molester. In reality there is truth to that statement. But part of me wonders is that really true? Would child porn exist if there weren't individuals who consume it? I do believe like everything on the planet if there was no demand for a product there would be fewer people meeting that demand. So is the individual who is looking at these images as large a problem as the individual who molests a child? Honestly I'm not absolutely sure.

The other thing that concerned me was that individuals were simply ready to allow inmates in prison to kill this individual. My initial response to those individuals was wow, he hasn't been convicted yet. And then I was like well I don't want him in my neighborhood. And I did think that this man certainly has mental health issues. So what do society do with an individual who are clearly aren't able to control their impulses that could have extremely negative consequences?

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  1. You can't have child porn without molesting a child, so for me both are bad no not bad evil I have no time for people who molest a child in any form