Thursday, May 28, 2015

Boyfriend From Hell Book Review

I recently read Boyfriend From Hell by E. Van Lowe. I received it as a free book on Amazon. And since I enjoy books about the paranormal, I thought it might be something I enjoy.

The Story

The main character in this book is Megan. She's a fifteen year old girl who lives with her single mother. Everything is going great for both of them until her mom decides to begin dating again. She meets Armando, who seems perfect, but he is in reality Satan. And he is looking for a new bride. Things begin to get strange for Megan as she finds that her two best friends don't believe her when she tells them the strange things that have begun to occur. And Megan doesn't have anyone to turn to for help. Megan finds herself finding a new friend, who helps her solve the paranormal mystery surrounding her mother's new boyfriend.

What I Think

So what do I like about this book? I really liked that Megan is a smart girl. And that she is tough enough to stick to her guns when she knows that something is really wrong. I really liked that Megan faces so many of the problems that so many teenagers face. She is dealing with her mom dating for the first time that she can remember. She is dealing with the fact that her mother is making a bad choice in the man she is dating. And she is dealing with what happens when her friends don't understand what is happening in her life. I liked how the book combined the paranormal with the ordinary events of life. What I didn't like is that it is a series. Why do all books have to be a series anymore?

But I do recommend this book to individuals who enjoy books about the paranormal. I really think that it will appeal to young female readers.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I may give it a try, though I agree with you about the series thing. I really don't like to feel forced to buy another book to see how a story ends!

  2. I have a standalone if you want it ;). Steampunk YA fantasy. We should talk.