Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Can You Solve These Mysteries?

So I have a really good life, but there are a few mysteries in life that just kind of boggle my mind. Can you solve these mysteries for me?

Why do the ladies with over 15 items and WIC vouchers get in the express line?

I have no problem with individuals who receive WIC. It's a great program. It provides nutritious food to children. And the vouchers assure that the food that is being purchased is nutritious. They don't allow any junk food. But just because you have four vouchers, and each of them has five items that can be purchased doesn't mean you fit in the category of under 15 items. And we all know that those vouchers take more time than a regular purchase. So why do would anyone think that those 20 items they are purchasing with WIC vouchers fits under the definition of express?

Why don't companies ever schedule enough employees to work on the days they know they will be the busiest?

It doesn't matter where you work there are never enough employees scheduled on the busiest days of the week. And I do mean never. As one of my co-workers put it, they always act surprised when we can't get the work done on time on these days. Why are they surprised? I know it's going to happen. Why don't they?

Why do the people in my neighborhood insist on walking down the middle of the street?

I believe that I can understand this behavior in the winter when sidewalks aren't shoveled. It's spring, and the sidewalks can be walked on. Use them please! And if you are walking in the middle of the street and a car is coming could you walk faster? I mean what part of a car is bigger than you don't you understand?

Why does my cat insist on putting his butt in my face?

Is this a payback for me calling him Buddha belly? He kind of does have a Buddha belly when he sits. He's not fat, it's just the way he is shaped. I mean I have accepted the fact that even though he is lying on his back with his belly exposed that I shouldn't pet his belly. Why can't he accept that I don't want his butt in my face?

Why does the guy who does mows my lawn always show up when I am leaving the house or getting ready for bed?

I can never understand this one. He just has a radar for one or the other. I just want to know how he knows. Does he monitor my habits and say to himself this is the right time?

Well, these are the current mysteries in life that I would love to have solved. If you can help me please do, or do you have any mysteries that need solved?




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  1. Oh yeah I am with you and the express lane, there have been many times I have felt like saying can you count or what, thankfully we don't have such vouchers to take up time. I know what you mean also about companies not putting on more staff what the hell you know you will be flat out like a lizard drinking have more staff it isn't rocket science.