Friday, May 1, 2015

May Goals

It's so hard to believe that May is here already. April flew by in a flurry. But it is time for me to set some goals for the month of May. But how did I do with my April goals?

I did pretty good with my April goals. I did manage to clean out and organize that bathroom closet. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought, and well I did have a few things I needed to get rid of.

I managed to get all of the leaves raked up in the yard. Okay, I did a lot of it, but then a couple kids from the neighborhood showed up and asked if they could rake them for $20. It was a deal!

And yes, I got my taxes completed ahead of time! And yes, I got a return. And yes, I have spent it all on bills.

And I did enjoy reading more during the month of April.

So what do I want to accomplish in May? I've been thinking.

1. Get the gutters on the house cleaned out. I have put it off a couple of years. Yes, isn't that awful. It's routine maintenance, but for various reasons it hasn't been done the past two years. So I am either going to get up on a ladder and do it myself or hire someone this month. It has to be done.

2. Create another zentangle. A Couple of months ago, I posted Zentangle in Blue.

It was a project that took me a while to complete, but I enjoyed working on it. It also really helped me relax. So this month I want to start another zentangle and see where that goes.

3. Review pictures on blog posts. I have some fairly solid blog posts. But looking back through the posts I've noticed that my pictures are not what they should be. I think I can do better. I think that I can plan out some really good photos and take them. I guess I'll need to work on some of my photography skills too. But I have a few ideas, now can I put some of them into action?

4. Update my resume. I realized last night when I was out with a friend that while for the most part I enjoy my current job, it is not meeting some of the needs I have in life. I work a strange work schedule. And my employer seems to not be able to schedule me less than six or seven days a week. Both of these issues are causing me to spend less time with individuals that I enjoy spending time with. And when I do spend time with them I am so tired that I am unable to fully enjoy the time. The first step in finding a new job that will meet my needs is updating my resume.

So thee are the big four goals I have for the month of May. What do you want to accomplish this month?


  1. I love your zentangle! I doodle all the time, but I find zentangles so structured that I lose interest.

    My favorite way to find a job is to look up companies where I'd like to work and see if they have any jobs on their site. Updating your resume is your first step! Good luck with your job search.

  2. For many years when Tim would get a tax return the money would all go on bills usually the car repayments so we could pay it off sooner

  3. I used to doodle in class at school (okay, I wasn't paying attention!) but then stopped when I reached college. Time to start again.

    Blog photos - I had that issue too. I'm slowly improving!
    Jobs - it's difficult to get flexible jobs and I understand where you are coming from. Over here we have a mummy support group and they link up with corporates who are specifically looking for freelancers and part-timers. Do you have something like that overe where you live?

  4. I can't seem to get my goals done, ever! BUT I finished my taxes on time too with three days to spare.

  5. The zentangle is very pretty, you did a great job with it! I was the same way when I first started blogging. I like the content, but my photos didn't do the content any justice. Invest in free editing software like PicMonkey and Picasa. They're both great! #BigTopBlogParty

  6. Setting goals is such a great practice. I find I'm significantly more likely to be productive if I write down some goals. I hope you can accomplish your May goals! #BigTopBlogParty