Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Pet Humans Overtime

Recently, my pet human has been away from home a lot. She has been talking about something called overtime. I have decided that the word overtime should be banned from my pet humans vocabulary. It has been brought nothing but loneliness to my life. My pet leaves early in the morning, and she doesn't return until late in the afternoon. Hours fly by before she returns home. I sit and long for her return. When she does return home she is rushing around the house trying to do far too much in too little time. And most importantly, we are not spending quality time together. This is not acceptable.

So these are a few of the steps I have taken to resolve this overtime situation. Since my pet is not at home, I have reviewed and updated her resume. I have decided that I should notify her employer and let them know that this is not acceptable.

And I have decided that perhaps, I should look more closely at my career decisions. Perhaps, if I take up some sort of job it would allow the human in the household to spend less time working. When I reviewed my talents and passions in the career decisions post I decided that my most marketable skill is not getting stressed over the little things. After researching how to put this into action, I have decided that I should become a feline life coach.

Since I have made this decision I feel much better. I am beginning to put together a plan on how to make this work. If felines have advice on starting this career please provide it to me.


  1. I think being a feline life coach could be difficult as so many felines do not like to be told their life isn't up to scratch, just a thought. Overtime is a horrible word to many people but us humans like the extra money that comes with overtime

  2. I've never heard of feline coach before. I do like cats but I prefer dogs, that may be why I have never heard of it. It sounds interesting though.It's great to co-host with you this week at Oh My Heartsie Girl