Sunday, May 10, 2015

That First Apartment

Everybody has a first home. They have fond memories, and often some not so fond memories of their first home. Your first home is the place where you begin your life of total independence. I know many people that have had only lived in a couple of homes. They are fortunate. I am not one of those people. I have moved several times in my life.

But that first apartment that I had was the actually my first home. How did that first apartment come about? It was simple I was still in college. I lived in my parents home, but my parents were going to move to another state. I needed a place to live. So the hunt for an apartment began.

I had a couple of months before they were going to move so I had time to prepare for my big move. My mom gave me some good advice. First she told me to make a list of things that I would need when I moved out. That is not as easy as it sounds when you have never lived on your own. If you have lived at home all of your life you have no idea all of the things that you need when you live on your own. You have no idea that you will at some point in time need to have a plunger in your home. You have no idea that you will need more than two bath towels. And you take for granted that a measuring cup will be around.

So my list was complete now the shopping began. I had no idea how much items would cost. But following mom's advice. I took a little bit of my paycheck each week and purchased a few items that I would need for an apartment. I found that I was not going to be able to buy the coolest items that cost more, but that I would need to decide which items were most important to me. Umm, this wasn't so much fun.

The other great piece of advice that mom offered was about rent. She told me that I should not pay more than one weeks pay in rent. That way I would not over extend myself. That was a reality check. I looked at the newspaper at the listing and the prices for rent. Gulp, I was not going to be able to afford anything glamorous. I looked around, and I talked to friends. A friend of mine lived in an apartment complex that was going to have a vacancy. The price was right and the neighborhood wasn't too bad. And of course it was kind of cute.

So I decided to move in. There were loads of things that I didn't know when I moved in. Like how much groceries would really cost. That I really could live for a while on macaroni and cheese. I learned life runs pretty well if you don't have a home phone as long as there is a pay phone down at the local convenience store. I also learned that it isn't much fun to have to change a tire in the cold. Where was dad at to help me with this?

That first apartment is the place where I learned those valuable survival lessons. And a big thank you goes out to Compass for inspiring me to write this post. If you live in the D.C. or New York City area and you're looking for a new home or your first home you should check out their site. They can help you locate what you're looking for.


  1. My first apartment was a learning experience, too. Although it taught me how to find a better apartment, so my 2nd apartment was my favorite one.

  2. Yes, I remember going through some of those things, and you are right, you just take so much for granted when you live in your parents' home where most things are provided for you. It is such a huge leap of faith to leave home. More than once, I longed for the security and safety I felt with Mom and Dad, but we all have to spread our wings and follow God's plan for our lives. Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such sweet encouragement on my blog. God bless you!

  3. When I began my first teaching job, I was welcome to stay at home with my parents. But noooo! I was too cool for that! I agreed to share an apartment with a college friend. I bought lots of supplies, dealt with her intrusive boyfriend and had no money left at the end of the month. Thankfully, we were allowed to break the lease. I went home and saved enough money within a year for a down payment on a very cute little starter home. Parents do have the best advice!

  4. I lived in a dorm room for 2 years in college and then I moved into an old house with roommates for 2 years. I was so excited when I got my first apartment that I was going to live alone with no roommate. I loved it and I felt like a true grown up at that time.

  5. I went from living with my parents to being married and living with Tim, our first flat was over shops and we stayed there for about 4 years, then we moved to this house in 1988 and have been here ever since

  6. Nice to look back and remember how it all started. Thanks for linking up at Thursday Favorite Things!

  7. I love this post. That's funny how as teenagers we take simple things for granted . Living alone is the best learning experience! Your mom gave you some great advice :)
    Hope you will share it with our party: